Trade F.A.Q.

Q: How do I reverse hot and cold to required handle operation?
ANSWER: Simply rotate the cartridge as described in the "Back to Back" installation guidelines enclosed with all Tempress products.

Q: How do I eliminate Tub Filler or Shower Head drips after shut-off?
ANSWER: Normally some water remains in the shower piping although incorrect setting of the stop-ring causes a partially open cartridge or, and although unlikely, it is possible that the inlet o-ring seal is defective or simply worn out. Allow the column to drain for 3-5 minutes or push lever on tub spout to tub fill position. Reset the stop-ring as described in the 'rough-in' instructions. Check the o-ring for cuts or other damage/wear and replace if necessary.

Q: If the shower is insufficiently hot, how do I correct this?
ANSWER: It is most likely that the hot limit stop is incorrectly set. Refer to the instructions included to reset stop and again check hot water temperature.

Q: Hot or Cold water is not flowing properly!
ANSWER: Partial or no Flow usually indicates that either the system is not fully pressurized, debris is caught inside the inlet of the cartridge or the escutcheon is not engaging with the plastic valve driver. Be sure service stops are fully open and system is pressurized. Remove and flush the cartridge and/or remove/flush any debris lodged inside the hot/cold inlets. If not engaging properly, use either the 1/2" or 3/4" Extension kit.

Q: Installed the valve body too deep in the wall. Solution?
ANSWER: Install either the 1/2" or 3/4" Extension kit.

Tempress - Working Principle


  • Turning the handle counter-clockwise will turn the throttle disk so it first opens the Cold water.
  • Continued turn opens/mixes the Hot water to desired warm temperature.
  • Depending on supply temperature and pressure, at approximately mid-position, the shower temperature will be at normal (100 F).
  • The Hot and Cold pressures are now fully balanced and working on both sides of the diaphragm.
  • A drop in Cold supply (flushing toilet or other fixture used) will cause the flow tube housing to be 'pushed over' by the now relative higher Hot water pressure thus opening the cold inlet and closing the Hot inlet, until the pressure ratio between the Hot and Cold supply is restored. The net effect is unchanged shower temperature, or "Safety Mix".
  • If the Hot water pressure drops the same action / result happens.
  • The reaction time for the cartridge/valve is a mere fraction of a second and if the Cold water pressure (supply pressure) is cut - off, the valve will automatically restrict water flow to less than .039 gpm, a mere trickle.

Tempress - Unique and Significant Features

A unique and significant feature of the Tempress cartridge is the incorporation of integral check valves. These checks eliminate the possibility of any cross-connection. Also, the checking function isolates water hammer and greatly reduces or eliminates the noise associated with water hammer.

Furthermore, there are no metal-to-metal sliding parts, which bind or freeze-up due to liming or minerals in the water. The self-contained pressure-balancing cartridge is made of a glass-filled NORYL, an engineered plastic introduced by General Electric. NORYL will never corrode and therefore the balancing assembly is also comprised of NORYL.

All moving parts are self-contained in one, easily replaced, cartridge. If required, maintenance is performed in a few minutes. The valve is then renewed, not just repaired.

Tempress - Specific Performance and Safety Advantages

  • The cartridge is injection molded NORYL plastic. Neither Time nor water quality (hardness, chemical treatment) affect the NORYL material.
  • Back - to- Back installations are easily accomplished by rotating the cartridge 180 degrees, thus eliminating costly reversed piping.
  • All moving parts are self-contained within the cartridge. Service is, but not limited to, simply exchanging a cartridge. The user now has a brand-new valve, not a repaired one.
  • The EPDM rubber diaphragm allows for a greater surface impact of the hot or Cold water forces and will not bind or lock-up. This allows for higher control accuracy of the mixed water temperature, or, "Safety Mix".
  • Sustained operating pressures as low as 20 psi is acceptable.
  • The diaphragm is designed so that it will not blow out or puncture and has passed test pressures of up to 500 psi.
  • The pressure balancing assembly is ultrasonically welded onto the diaphragm.
  • The Tempress II and EF (Enhanced Flow) cartridge models meet or exceed a performance tolerance of + 2 degrees F controllability with pressure drops of 50%.
  • Automatic flow shut-off in event of total pressure failure in either Hot or Cold supply.
  • An escutcheon, which corrects any misalignment up to 7 ? degrees between the valve and the wall surface.
  • Extension kits are available for either a 1/2" or 3/4" adjustment to the valve body rough-in.
  • Full 270 degree Mixer rotation which opens and closes through Cold.

Tempress Remote Pressure Balance Valve (RPBV)


To ensure complete safety for your valued clients, without the cost and inconvenience involved in replacing existing shower and faucet equipment, the number one, perfect alternative, is to install the Tempress "In - Line" Remote Pressure Balance Valve (RPBV).

Did you know?

  • Just two (2) seconds of exposure to hot water at 140 F can deliver a first degree burn.
  • Just five (5) seconds of exposure can deliver a second or third degree burn.
  • Just five (5) seconds of exposure can deliver a second or third degree burn.
  • Commercial Plumbing 'Code' calls for anti-scald protection in Salons and Spas (showers, faucets etc.) throughout North America ( and many other locations world - wide).
  • Helps reduce 'gallon per minute' water usage thus promoting $ cost savings

Here's how it works!
The "in-line" remote pressure balance valve protects another plumbing fixture from dangerous outlet temperature changes that can result from fluctuating inlet pressures. The Tempress RPBV automatically adjusts the Hot and Cold inlet pressures in order to maintain a Constant Temperature.

If either the Hot or Cold water supply fails for any reason, the remote pressure balancing valve will go into it's "anti-scald" mode and safely reduce the flow of water to a mere trickle, until both the Hot and Cold water supplies are fully restored. This technology is in use in modern salons and spas throughout the world. The Tempress RPBV is approved by the most stringent of testing and evaluation requirements including; ASSE 1066, IAPMO and CSA. With the Tempress RPBV, you are assured of completely safe and highly economical operation and use of water in the Salon or Spa!